Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flags and the law.

I thought that Whitney was a power house singer with a voice so pure...I can't truly say that I was a big fan who followed her career because I did not know that in her last concert people had asked for their money back.
I did not know that the fall had been so enormous on her vocals , I read about the abuse now and then and shook my head hoping she could stop the down fall.
Not another Presley was my thought.

I watched about an hour of the funeral, no question about it, this is a different culture that I am not familiar with. The singing tributes never stopped and I hope that this would help her Mom and her child. It was an impressing lot of talents and expression of love.

I am just very puzzled about the flag at half mast in New Jersey.
What are the rules about that?
Do we have laws, suggestions, rules, put down somewhere on how to treat the flag and when to put it half mast???
My personal opinion is that NJ did go a bit over the top on that one.

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