Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New machine

My grandfather used to order his three piece suit from the tailor and say:"This is the suit I will be buried in so make it nice".
He wore out 4 suits before it was his last one.
I bought a Maytag washing machine yesterday which is ultra modern in comparison to the old lady in the semi basement.
This one "weighs" your laundry and adds just the amount of water needed to wash the load, all automatic. Lowes had 10 percent off and State of N C had 100.00 off
if you buy ecology responding items.
So right there I had a great discount and they deliver for free and pick up the old one. Sears always charges for delivery!!!!
So I said to my daughters : "This is the last washing machine I will buy".
Answer came" "well they last about 20 years so that will be about right!
"Say what?"
I am excited, this old machine served me well, bought it at some estate sale years ago and the last 3 years of Bob's life I had to wash ALL the bedding of our Queen size bed ,every, every day!!! The girl worked hard.
Thank you Maytag you deserve kudos for that old lady and I will enjoy the new one.

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Gypsy said...

That response must have been from your other daughter. My response was if you're living to be 102 that will mean 20 years with this one and then you'll have to buy another!