Wednesday, March 7, 2012

excitement for the day

I have a brand new washing machine.
Can't remember when I had a new one last.
It seems that the kids ,mostly Rhonda, was moving all the time and we inherited her or Bobby's washing machine.
The last years of Bob's illness she worked like a slave, every day , every day large loads of bedding, she did her best.
So she gave up these past weeks , left the laundr4y quite wet and seemed to need a Depend diaper for her leaking.
I now have a brand new Maytag with new gadget like water saver and soap saver etc...I even get a $100 visa card from the state because I am energy efficient.
Love the darn thing. I washed stuff today which did not need washing.
What other excitement do I have in life?
Just keep the house rolling as best as I can with my budget and my best of health!!!!Thank you, Maytag I love you.

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