Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring but can we expect more trouble?

I am looking at flowers on eBay and at Lowes, some are way too early to risk now.
I ordered a couple of the large Livermore poppies, they come as plants and if they like where I put them they will multiply quickly, I had them before but now they are gone. They are temperamental, hoping this year I can devote more time to the garden.

Bobby asked what I wanted for my birthday and I said get me another poppy like this one and he ordered a bunch of them...whoopee!!!!!

I also ordered seeds of the Danish Poppy, I don't do well with seeds but for the poppies in general that is the way they like it, seed them early, they do like some colder climate to begin with. I have always the California poppies and last year they lasted till December. I am sure they will pop up again.

Ordered an Azalea which blooms all year...should be interesting and a Lilly which combines wicked colors of yellow and absolute black...
I can hear Bob telling me :"Jeannot I told you a hundred times black is not a color"
I know but this is absolutely black.

The old maple is in full bloom , the one across the street is too, looks like a orange/wine halo around the tree.

I broke the bank to get some expensive black seeds and the red cardinal brought his wife to the feeder, guess they are nesting nearby again.

My lungs open up with the joy of the smell of spring outside.
This will be good.
Some of my potted plants have eyes started .they survived the non winter!!Of course!!!Can t think of the name now for the life of me but I have about 30 different varieties.
Life is good when we can think of a garden and work in one.

Hosta, hosta hosta!!!!Dummy!!!!!!

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