Monday, March 26, 2012

Bijou surprise

When I was at the party I had been gone 2 days from home , staying in Brevard with Brie and co. is fun too but I had gone on her bed on Friday at 1 PM and said "I will take a little nap". She said "go for it,Mom" I woke up at 5 pm.....

back to the party I visited with 3 large dogs, one is half wolf and half German shepherd, she has blonde hair is large and sweet. I think the others were a 47 varieties kind. They all came to say hello, all had the roaming power of this large piece of land. How swell. I kept petting dogs as I missed Bijou so.

Rhonda had been to my house to pick up a present Bob had for Nick so she decided to bring Bijou. She arrived after us and one of the kids said:"There is your dog".
I said something like "No he is home and I miss him". I saw that white fur ball in the distance and help me...I thought I would start to cry my eyes out...
the dogs all greeted him and sniffed some derrieres and he just ignored them.
Not the usual, he barks at a falling leaf. I started to call his name, he looked up, took off like a jet and came running to me. He licked me clean, my face covered with his kisses. My heart jumped a faster beat, I did not have to rush home now.
I am such a nut, I can't begin to explain how I feel about this bit of fur , is that natural? I feel like we are just one.
The peace and quiet with the others was finished once I was seated and he took the throne on my lap position then the other dogs were not allowed near.
He growled at the wolf/dog and all the others.
They took the hint and left me and him alone.
Rhonda, you are a peach to think that we needed each other in the woods of Old Fort.
Thank you very much.

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