Thursday, March 22, 2012

so now what?

My birthday luncheon was perfect, the weather gorgeous, the plant shop open at the Biltmore but I did not see anything I did not already have.
Next day Sabrina showed up with giant Zack and cleaned the shed. Bob's shed. Even so I had stored stuff there from the shop a decade ago, Bob had claimed this to be "his". He kept putting garbage in it and I gave up to fight with him over it.
Furtunately the garbage was mostly coke cans by the dozens and paper stuff from across the street garbage....I did not want to see it, my stomach was turning inside out. Brie unpacked stuff and shortly my yard looked like a flea market.
But at the end she found the goodies. Boxes still with china and most of all about 50 lbs of vintage linens.
She had promised me that nothing was going to come in the house (already a box empire not to mention a bead shop) but the linen sat next to the new washing machine.
Ouch! Big mistake.
I washed all day Sunday and Monday and set up the old ironing board and ironed and ironed non stop. I would take some ice tea and sit for a bit and then go back to the chore. Still delighted that they were saleable items.

Bob had not been into Ari's car since we brought it here.
Brie and I had gone to Texas to get her car and some of her belongings.
That was almost 4 years ago. Bob had to struggle to get the Texas title changed to NC, seems it is due to come any day now. So while the yard was a mess and Brie was
there he thought to empty the car and get it ready for sale.
I saw his face get whiter and whiter, he keeps his emotions inside. He could not hide it, he was hurting. So was I , I loved that girl, she was weird, she was brilliant , she helped hundreds of people in her profession, the underdog was her
aim to make life better for him or her, she had gorgeous tattoos covering her white gorgeous skin and I learned to love someone with tattoos. Unbelievable how narrow minded I had been. She loved my son, he loved her and she loved me.
Seeing her woolen shawl, her oriental bibelots, her passion for candles, and dozens of presents Bob got her from my shop at one time or another. It all came back.
Then Bobby found her perfume and that did him in, Sabrina and I too , the scent of was a bit much.

So his items went into the house, now the kitchen looked like Portobello in London
pricing, washing, repacking all came into my full time slot.
I wanted it all out of sight like magic, gone forever.

So I had little time for anything else except getting pissed at the dentist as my
tooth (repaired Nov 2010) broke off to the gum line....
more on that tomorrow when I see the dentist....
did I say that the profession I dislike the most are dentists???

Did I say that Nick had a birthday I think he was 25 and delivered his first 2 babies all on the same day..........
Imagine that I insisted on coming to the USA when it was 1947 or so and now in 2013 my grandson is delivering American babies. Hope they were girls, boys always end up fighting around here. I must ask him.

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Unknown said...

Oh, Ari. She was a GEM. She was MUCH loved in our home. I Think the second time I met her was when I met you. Honestly I liked her RIGHT away. (and YOU J!) She was REAL, decorated and all! She loved with 101% of her being. Honestly A`man hasn't had a person in her position of work that could even compare to Ari! Many thoughts and prayers of comfort to Bobby!