Thursday, March 15, 2012


OK I made it.
Today is the day, I am actually 80 and so far it feels good.
The day is gorgeous.
Spring is 4 weeks early in these parts and plants are coming up and
flowers are starting to bloom on most trees.

What is not kosher is that one of my gold fish died, I had him for years but for him to call it quits on my birthday is just not polite, after all I am a Pisces.

I requested in all honesty not to have a special party which the girls wanted but just be together and EAT, we shall do that tomorrow when no one is working and meet at the Bistro with Louis and Celia. Nothing more or less!

Presents are forbidden BUT knowing my kids who do not listen I said if you MUST then give me something for the garden, a seed, a little geranium.

Bobby found what I liked a kit for indoor mushrooms!!!!
Lee had that and had 3 or 4 harvests from it.

It is soaking now for 24 hours and after that....we shall see....hoping for lots of mushrooms. Bob and I both like them. If this is a vegetable (???) then it myst be the only vegetable he likes. He is allergic to veggies, he came that way at birth, his first words were: DO NOT LIKe THIS!!!!
I bribed him with little cars, soldiers, robots...still no dice. Now I give up altogether. He will never be a vegan or vegetarian.

I am going to relax today give myself a day off as soon as I finish the dishes...

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