Friday, March 9, 2012

I can't find another thing to wash!

I should start the garden, I'd get plenty of dirty laundry.
Seriously I am delighted that I washed the kitchen curtains and removed the storm windows. Our house was built in 1926, in every window including the 9 French rounded windows they also built storm windows for them.
In the kitchen it makes me feel confined.
Husband used to argue with me when I wanted them out in February and if truth was know I probably wanted them out with the Christmas tree.
For me, when Christmas was over I was thinking SPRING , flowers and plants.

For the last two years with the boo boo's and band aids and tears by the gallons I did not give a damn about the enclosure of storm windows. I left them IN for 2 whole years...what was I thinking? Or better yet"when was I NOT thinking".
Little spiders made home between the spaces. They found heaven.

I got up this morning with this spring drive like the bear crawling out of his den ever so slowly and wondering what new life is around. It was freezing last night but warm during the day but if I do not want to plant Brussels sprouts, carrots and such this is not the time for planting my zinnias.

Looked at the windows and thought: Wash!!New Machine!!!Gentle cycle! opening the air ...curtains .....taking away the storm windows. YEAH!!!Yeah!! Spring is here.
I beamed all day with my accomplishment and then more HARDY poppies came in small plant pots, present from son, after the freezing nights they like it cool so I
can start there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I ever see a tree with tomatoes???Hirsch has the seeds for it.
Looks kind of weird, a climbing branch on trellis like a tree and big tomatoes
hanging over your head. Should I try or save my money???

Tonight no CNN no politics....a good night sleep....I do not know what I will tackle tomorrow.....

The sky is full of stars, very clear and cold, at Brie's house she must be able to see the Milky Way, here with city lights no such hope.

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