Thursday, March 29, 2012

Great Day

R needed a chair, not fancy one that the cat can scratch up .We went to the thrift shop and found the right one, a bit pricey, BUT they had a special.
They hid Easter eggs and if you found one then you get the discount showing in the egg. Of course, the witch found one right away and it was 50% off so R can get her chair at half price.
Then I spotted yet another fancy chinese cachepot (I collect them) it was too pricey, out of my budget. I walked around and quickly found another egg so now I got mine at a discount too, mine was 20 % but I was happy with that.
R is elated over her chair. During lunch all she said was :
I love my chai, I love my chair!.
Good day.

Walked into new antique shop and lady said to me:
I know you, you told me to buy the Aubuson rugs at the thrift shop and I scooped up both of them....thank you so very much....
I remember it well, 2 huge Aubusson handstiched in wool, worth at least 2000 each, I drooled and drooled and Sabrina said NO NO NO you will fall over them.
They were marked 250.00 EACH. I saw the lady was buying a small rug and I went up to her and said "Ypou want a rug worth thousands?" I pointed to the rug, she snapped upo the ticket so fast I thought she'd fall. Then I pointed to the second one and she ran to it and grabbed the tag,
This time all cleaned and looking fabulous, not a spot or moth hole in them, and I did not want to look at the price but I bet it is more than 2000.00
Gorgeous, gorgeous in her new shop.
I was glad I had helped someone find something she overlooked, she must be new at it.
Good day, very good day!!!!

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