Sunday, April 1, 2012

what was and what will be?

Ari's car is finally ready and legally in Bob's name, it only took Texas 4 years to get the paper work and numerous trips here and there to DMV's , Texas has worse rules then NC.
Brie came with high power equipment to detail the car and Bob was at it for 2 days.
By now all sorts of spiders had made silk curtains inside the vehicle.
It was not a place where Bob would go into until it was ready to be sold.
Then he had to face it.

The Toyota which was ours went to Bobby some time ago when Bob could no longer drive.
Due to the disease it too has been sitting for years. The tires are bad but otherwise it is in nice condition. 60000 miles on a Toyota is nothing.
So I sat in it today as it was all nice and polished and I talked with old Bob in the driver seat ....I thanked him for all the trips we took, for his safe driving record and for taking me wherever and whenever I wanted to go.
Miss Daisy was spoiled.
Do not know if he heard me or if he came to visit while I sat there in tears.
That was all yesterday , I tell myself, there may be a brighter future...Bobby may very well start to drive again and perhaps take me to the Lowes and the flowers....
That may be my tomorrows on a different scale but it is something to look forward to.

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