Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

Calm day in our household, I planted and planted, split plants who needed more room for their tender roots and had a great time in the garden. What I do not know and have not learned yet is when to stop. I work and feel great, hours later when I relax the back tells me that I overdid it again. Pain pills are needed to sleep and rest again. This is so damn boring. Bob is doing so well now that he has kindred spirits next door to talk to. Women his age and in relationships so no problem there. He smiles, laughs, comes in the door with a step so light that he could be a ballerina. What a difference some ever so slight companionship does. He has Xmas presents sitting in the living room for people he wants to give gifts too but they do not come here. It has been so lonely for him the past years, so damn lonely. How much can you talk to your mother? Actually we talk about everything, his studies, his views on religion, the whales, the sharks, the planets, trilobites, meteorites, Smurfs, the L A Kings, and the list goes on and on but to laugh and giggle on young people jokes, music , books TV that is another story. I do not watch murder or action films, I am very boring with TV just watch Bravo and fall asleep very quickly or read in bed and fall asleep. Bob is up till 2 or 3 or 4. The change is a healing change, he does not need negativity, he has enough of his own , he does not need mine too, the conversations next door are light and pleasant. We exchange plants, flowers, advice. They call me to identify plants in their garden and so far I have been lucky I did remember them. We all need someone to hug us sometime and someone to listen to us and be listening to others, we all need some human touches.

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Unknown said...

I'm so happy for B! and you! I wish you were my neighbor. Although I have another very sweet plan loving neighbor also. (I have a black thumb)