Thursday, April 5, 2012


OK, everyone who knows me also knows I love antiques but lately something else is stirring in my brain. Guess I want to redo a lot in a new way, something I did not often do. I doubt I changed the couch position in 36 years. Sabrina changes her furniture almost every week. That would drive me nuts. Is it that I am watching Jeff Lewis too much , the man with no more than 3 articles on your coffee table... the man for simple, simple, simple. My house is hardly simple some people say it is museum like, some would say "old folks" style and some like me are tired of dusting and cleaning. Then I have weekly visits to thrift shops and there was this piece so unusual that I felt I had to have. Wondered if it was a bad day to shop and give in to things I decided to wait a few days and if it was still there then maybe I might consider it. The price was not the problem, it was very inexpensive and then there was that discount I purchased it on the second visit. Old Bob would not have liked it, I know that, I doubt it would have made it in this house. If it had been 18th century hand carved and guilded he would have picked it up tout de suite. But since he is not here and I am , I decided to get it and ask permission to no one. Voila:
Voila, my modern art console!!!! I like it!!! Reminds me of Santa Fe N.M.

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