Sunday, April 15, 2012


The Toyota sold to the first person who looked at it. Going to a young girl and her first car. That was cause for celebration. That was yesterday. Then Bobby took Sabrina for a ride around the block. Not far about a mile or less. But he was out. He did not freak out. Did not have an attack. Today he asked me what I was cooking, I said eggs for my lunch, he asked "do you need to eat them warm?" "Well, I'd like to" "Shucks (cleaned up version) "Why?" "I want to try and take you around the block" "Who needs warm eggs? Lets go" He drove one street further than yesterday. He did it twice each time taking a different street. He had not been in these streets in 4 years. Had not been able to go in anyone's car, not being able to leave the house. Period. My cold eggs tasted divinely great!!!! When I can stop crying for joy I may even make a cup of coffee. Life is good. Bobby is very good.

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