Monday, April 2, 2012

Loving spring

I am reborn with spring. How can we just ignore all what is popping up from a pile of dirt. The flowers, leaves, everything just coming out to join the summer party. Here are a few of the plants from Lowes "Instant gratification".
and then there is this wild one all over my yard , do not know what to call it and where it came from, comes back every spring, I call it "the white flower" very unusual title, I know, I am artistic!!!
My friends the Lilly of the Valley , every May 1st in Belgium, there are vendors on the street corners with mini bouquets of Muguets and they are given as "good Luck" , I used to make huge bouquets for my Mom in my friends garden who had a BIG plot under a tree with thousands of them. This year I doubt they will last till May 1, we are aPRIL 2 and most are in full bloom already.
here they are mixed with the wild violets which also multiply every year. So I was going to paint this door red. Opposition from son. He wanted it to stay white. Yesterday while ne napped in late afternoon I decided to get out my red paint. I had some mixed at just the right red I wanted. Then I hid the paint so Bob could not hide it from me. So guess what? I forgot where I hid the paint. I searched for 1 hour. No paint. I gave in to go back to my white, at least it is the first coat and not finished yet and if I find the red I can cover it again.
The Boston fern on the porch is also a quick fix purchased that size and will not last in the winter AND will shed and shed on the porch, do I care????NO!

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Unknown said...

All so beautiful. Each one could be its own postcard! Can't wait to see what the door looks like when painted the beautiful red! NOT that you should run out and do it TODAY!!! LOL