Sunday, April 1, 2012

You had to be there....or maybe not.................

Something hilarious happened yesterday.
It is not a ladylike joke, so ladies do not read further....anybody else go ahead and risk it:
Sabrina was here with a truck to do some yard work and clean up, I was standing by the truck and looking at the new flowers I had just purchased when she dropped a big wooden shelf into the truck with a huge bang. Even with 82 percent hearing loss I heard that one so loud that I literally jumped up, Brie said my eyes looked like saucers. I did not have a clue what just happened...she started to laugh when she saw my face and I started to laugh with her and suddenly the flood doors opened and I stood there not able to stop the "moisture" running down my legs and into my we stood there laughing non stop I said "Brie, I pee'd myself"...more laughter...finally I walked into the house to change completely and Brie kept making swoosh swoosh swoosh sound.
You had to be there, but I do not think I laughed this much in years

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