Monday, April 2, 2012

What will summer bring?

This summer will be the big one for Zack. He has a truck, an antique made out of steel not the bending plastic junk. He will have his license soon. He has his learning permit and drove us to Old Fort last week without a hitch. He drives the speed limit ( parents in the car and grandma, that helps) He asked his mom for his own dog and she wisely answered : "You will not be home anymore once you have the license, the dog will never see you and guess who will walk it?" Been there , done that like most parents. Zack will also get into his last year of High School come this fall. He is not into dances , right now the truck is first priority and girls second. He even wears camouflage. What can I say ?We live in the boonies. So what else will we have for excitement? Perhaps young Bob will drive again. That would be huge. Even if he can drive two blocks to the 7/11 and go inside. That would be major!!!! Perhaps we will have a few week end trips if one of the kids lets me tag along. Perhaps I will see so much this summer that I need to double up on production. I no longer think way ahead for much of anything. I do most of my planning day by day that way I do not get sad about changed plans. Well, shoot, I thought I had so much lined up for summer and now that I am writing I can't think of anything. Enjoy the yard , old lady, enjoy the yard and Bijou.

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Unknown said...

Oh... You know there will be many mini trips... but still.. enjoy the yard!! Ha Ha