Sunday, March 25, 2012

Party time

Invited at Grandsons place for his 26th birthday and house warming.
He and a dozen or so friends, all like minded, built an adobe hut/house.
Most of them still in college are going to be able to use it as they need it.
He has another year nearby and it saves on rent from his student loan.
He invested the rent money in materials, it is quite large with windows, doors ,propane stove etc...
Nick is getting close to being an osteopath but will go on for another 4 years to have a specialty. He delivered 4 babies for the first time, 2 on his birthday.
How cool is that.
He has a very neat love interest/ partner. Doubt they will marry but they have been together since college days and before med school. She is into gardening, plant science, organic everything.
They are starting to raise rabbits and she wants to make wool from their furs.
She graduated in science (if I have that correct) she was top of her class too.

The scenery around the hut is gorgeous, a lot of land and just plain wilderness.
A large garden is forthcoming and a small one already in motion.

They made a slide from one tree to another and the kids took turns getting on it.

For me it was a day out that I did not want, I am getting more and more a homeperson. Son told me I had to go and see some people. I went.
I enjoyed it because I connected somewhat with a young girl named H. who asked me OUT LOUD questions about aging, she was most interested on how I felt now, without a partner, with vanity, with computers...she made my day.
Otherwise I would have felt like a fish out of water. Two people there age 80 and the rest a LOT of twenty something....
In the old days I would have been in the middle of it with stories and gabbing but the hearing loss puts truly a damper on things.
People with soft voices think that their screaming is on my level and most of the time it is a wasted effort on their part. There is just one level I understand.
Sabrina has it down path, even Bobby who is with me 24/7 does not always get it.

I get as much annoyed as the person talking to me, how well I remember, I had this with my mother. Her TV was so high that we could not stay in the room.
She said the "ears" did not work. I have my ears for both the TV's and I can read under titles pretty quickly but the sound in my ears is fabulous. So do enjoy my TV.The kids were all very polite and nice to me. They are not a bunch of tugs or dope addicts, they all have tremendous goals to make this a better world. Lets hope they can achieve some of them.

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