Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fighting, Infidelity, budgets on Capitol Hill....

I am supposed to be uplifting and positive.

OK so I read a lot of news there is blood shed today on both sides ....
over what? Land!

My grandfather had lost big in the stockmarket so when I left in the `1950's his advice to a very naive granddaughter was :"Buy land" they are not making anymore and we will be over populated one day.
I always remembered that ... early on someone offered us two lots at very low price, the lady was a friend and in her eighties and wanted to help us out. I was afraid to get into debt and declined....I did not listen to grandpa! A very few years later the University in Santa Cruz Ca. started to built on these lots and everything else they could buy around there. The land had been purchased at a very high price.
Land...the fight over land in many places....but bloodshed over it scares me.

So we have a scandal in DC. A General and an x general ,CIA person had an affair and who the hell cares. If you lined up the unfaithful at the Mall in DC you would have a bigger crowd than when Obama took his oat there. Please, who cares but the wives involved who have to face the humiliation. They have to worry if they can ever forgive and worse if they can forget.
Forgetting is the hard part. I still dream of first husband cheating on me and i had not seen him in 45 years. He passed on last year but he is still there tormenting me at night. So the general's wife has all my best wishes.

Good news? Zack has his last day in the hospital week, he has had it, problems with his port in the middle of the night which was not a picnic. His Mom exhausted from seeing him hurting and counting the bills.
12 different companies send her bills, a doctor here and a specialist there, then the cancer center, then the heart place, the many pints of blood.....
I was a riot at the beginning od the diagnosis I offered to sell the house, Brie answered: Mom this will cost more than your house, honey!
Say what? Well she was right we are now almost at twice my house value and it is not finished by a long shot.
A friend of ours had her son ill with the same cancer, he is fine now, but 5 years ago the bills were over 250,000. Sabrina said theirs will surpass this and some by the end.
Thank God that Purdue our NC past governor was one of the first to embrace Obama care so then Zack could get insurance for previous conditions.
I read that Florida will not accept it. They have a Republican governor and NOW we do too, a Rep. is taking office now in NC.
I hope that they can't revoke that rule, I doubt it.

Have a nice Sunday ...I will try that too.

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