Friday, November 16, 2012

This and that

I have been away for awhile....not in the mood to do anything but sit and sleep. I think they call it a depression. I missed Bob every minute in the last 2 weeks, no reason except that I miss him. He was such a great companion.

So I rejoiced Nov 6th and went to bed feeling so secure. I was petrified of the changes Mittens was suggesting and then changing his mind ...I said four years ago that Obama could not5 fix the mess we were in during a first term, now he has no electorals to please or watch out for. He can sit at his desk and stop the worrying
about what will be said this time around but I do believe that he has the fever back to fight for the little people. He just has to fight the Republicans up the hill till they have a solution.

Many people here in NC are upset...just look at the polls.....
No one touched my Obama sign, I was afraid to put it up and then did anyway because I felt like a coward.

On Nov 11 I walked up to the cemetery and put small flag on the sacred ground of WW1 soldiers. I have done that for awhile. This was my grandparents war and my parents suffered in different ways. My father was number 7 in a line of 8. His father was in a military career and was in prison in Germany as soon as the war started leaving my grandmother with all her kids. My father, then 7 years old took his little brother to the German camps near his house and stole food from them. He also learned to speak German. Our King Albert and his Queen stayed in Belgium with the troops during the whole war, that little part of B. was never taken by the Germans. In ww2 our King Leopold ran for the luxury of living in la belle Suisse. Some Belgians did not forgive him that....including my mother who loved Royalty.

Now I have to say that I just hate even the word "war", both sides loose, no matter what. There is human life involved. We can always rebuilt but the loss of people is another matter. I am worried that Bibi and Obama are not seeing eye to eye over Iran. Lets not make it another war because they have or do not have weapons of mass destruction. We have been there and done that.

On the very good side of my house is son who hates Algebra with a passion and had an A at the end of his first 9 weeks. This is just a very big , big win. He is now into the second Algebra 9 weeks and a bit calmer about it. I am very proud of him.
Doing correspondence school every day often including Sunday is not for the lazy people, you have to be committed to stay with it and not miss a day. I think he started last September and even sick he continued on his journey for psychology. With his years of agoraphobia and panic disorder he could counsel from the heart.

Zack is doing very well keeping the C word away but has his ups and downs.
The loss of his eyebrows and lashes this week make him very sad. He has these gorgeous eyes and had the longest eyebrows, every one used to talk about them, it bums him out this week. With radiation and Chemo he is a lot more tired and needs more blood transfusions, his BP being low too.

I worry about him ...a lot...I wish I could be with him at the hospital when his mother has to leave to work. He has tremendous nurses and doctors. His High school also had a fund raiser for him just the kids getting together selling T shirts and stuff. How great is that?

I will do my best to get out of this funk and continue to just write boring stuff.....

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