Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tomorrow Black Internet day?????

Someone asked me why did they call it black Friday.
As a retired retailer I can tell you that on the Friday after Thanksgiving (in the olden days) people started to shop for Christmas.
Merchants for the most part wait for these weeks of gift buying to bring them out of the red.

Now it is disgusting, they bring out Christmas items right after Halloween and some even before that. No sooner will Christmas be over and You will see the red hearts for Valentine day!!!!!In March we are being reminded not to forget Mother...she gets her day in May but it may take us that long to remember her....
Hallmark has done a terrific job to spread these days in different continents and countries. We never heard of Valentine's day or Halloween when I was little.
Now they have that bug in Belgium , must, must, must decorate for these special days....One might wonder if Hallmark has everything produced in China....

Sabrina and I had lunch and then did some grocery shopping,Rhonda has been working overtime and is exhausted. Yesterday she was to be off at noon and it turned out to be after 5.ooPM. They are very busy, visitors from all over. From Europe, Japan and China too. After all this is the only private castle left in the USA. People lived in the house still in the 1950's. I met a maid who worked there all her life and her mother did too. Not one unkind word ever being said of the employers.

I did give in to the spirit, at the Aldi they had chocolate direct from Belgium, I needed that...stolen flown in from Germany, I needed that too, the ones with the marzipan in. For good measure I thought I needed baklava too. Then I noticed spekulaas from Belgium, can't let that one left in the store....I was talking it up too, I was telling people which ones to buy and I had an audience. I should get a percentage from that.

This week I have about 350 mixed VINTAGE jewelry coming which needs to be priced and put in inventory. AND in the shop ASAP.
Vintage here for jewelry is usual from the 1950's when we had some very nice good custom jewelry...some pins fetch 400 to 1000.00 dollars. I can't afford to deal in them but the Monet, Trifari, Weiss etc...that is my bread and butter besides my own work.

Facebook games will have to wait.

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