Tuesday, April 16, 2013


A very young lad is the "icon" (so they say) in the music world. The music world of teeny boppers.
He is known all over the world. He is very rich. Very handsome. Has an entourage when he travels even a monkey pet (did the other "Icon" not have that too?)

Every word he utters is on the news even National news with probably not much to say that day anyway.
Now and then he gets bad press but at least his name is mentioned so that is not so bad after all.
He recently toured in Europe and visited Anne Frank's house. He made a comment about how she might have been one of his fans...if.....

He had negative press on that one too. I would have liked to tell him that if Anne Frank had a chance to live she would have been a tad older then I now. She probably would have had a very good education, would have married and have 2 or 3 children and would today enjoy all her grandchildren. She probably would not be a Bieber fan as I do not remember even hearing him sing.
The young man in his ignorant youth did he understand all this? Did he take the time to read her book?

So I am an old lady who was only about 200 miles from Anne in her attic when I was near her age. I did not have to hide in attics and depend upon heroic deeds from others. The difference was simply that I was born from a different tribe. Anne was Jewish and therefore a target for people who hated Jews. It was that simple and that horrible.

Several years ago a display was set up at the mall with Anne's history. Several holocaust survivors came to speak to the school children. I was asked to tell my story from the same war. I spoke to  all the different ages. All would sit and listen and ask important questions even the first graders. When it came to the
High School kids I was completely amazed, most of the Seniors ignored me and started to talk among themselves while the teachers were in tears. One kid stood up and told me that I was full of propaganda and none of this ever did happen. I could not believe my ears. I kept my cool and kept the story very short.
One teacher approached me and hugged me, she said: "Do not give them credit for understanding much at this age. They do think they already know it all".

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