Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BOSTON in tears.........

Boston is known for a resilient town. It goes way back with all the Irish who would come and settle there.
A hard working crowd, a don't mess with me attitude.
I have great faith in these Bostonians. They will survive and will fight back.
The atrocious cowardly attack yesterday goes into my book of horrors.
Lives are lost, over a hundred injured.
What is the purpose?

As I watched on CNN and other places my heart just sank at the view of blood soaked sidewalks, ambulances waiting by the dozens for the end of the marathon runners now being used for people who lost a leg or a foot. People bleeding and in a fog not knowing what just happened to them.

During a war you are more or less prepared that anything can happen at any time, you have drills, you know where to run too. Now with these attacks there is the element of total surprise. What? I am here to watch hundreds of people cross the line, people who have been running months and years for this day.
Young and old, professional athletes, housewives, youngsters and oldsters, Americans and several other nations all are in the race. They are running for that final line and just there all hell breaks loose. They are wondering,"where is my wife, my husband,my kid, my mother"
there is chaos, there is crying, there is moaning from pain.

The smoke has not cleared yet when assumptions are made, one CNN reporter reminds everyone to keep quiet about name calling. He reminds us that when there was the attack in Oklahoma the "terrorists" were named on all broadcasts and yet it was homegrown hatred !

Lets not get into the "who did it" until the evidence is clear.
Lets help where we can to help the survivors. Lets give comfort to Bostonians.

At this point who ever has designed this attack is now a murderer regardless of nationality and motif.
So we can hope that the forces in charge will do the right and explicit job to find the guilty.

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