Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It seems like I am somewhat of a mess when it comes to computers.
I have been on one since 1997 but I am "click" happy, at least this is what my son tells me.

So it came to pass that I no longer saw comments on my blog and I tried to retrace my steps but did not see where I had changed anything.

Comes my daughter to save the day.....she showed me I clicked on the wrong place, I still did not get it but told her I will not touch a thing just make it work again. After all I do have a public out there of at least 3 people who read this stuff and are 3 opinionated friends who tell me off even on my blog. 

Yesterday, when all this fixing came about. I found one entry from March and it made me smile all day. It was from a collector of Bob's work. Actually the son of a collector. He reminded me of the works he and his family have and what he just gave his daughter. 

What fun, Bob lives on and on. I always told him that when he finished a piece of work.
I reminded him that long after we are gone people still will have his work given to children,
grandchildren and friends. How many of us can say that?

Even if I did finish the book I am working on ,even if I self publish and make it on Amazon, even ten it would be dead to the world in about 10 seconds. Maybe a grandchild might keep one on a dusty shelf. Paintings of the quality of Bob's work are there forever. He painted on purpose on masonite, he was a class act in restoration and revived 100's of canvasses who had met with a broom stick or been thrown around by jealous wives.
You do not believe the jealous wife? Let me tell you that one man ordered a portrait of wife numero uno with tons of diamonds around her neck. He said if there ever was a wife numero dos he wanted her to look everywhere for the diamonds (they only were real in the painters eye).

So Mr. R. B. thank you so very much for writing on the blog and Sabrina thank you for coming to my rescue on your white horse, well black little car with a name I never remember.
You guys made an old broad happy !!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

You are welcome and it's blue and called Dodge Caliber!!! Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

testing...testing...just sending hugs and testing :-)

Angela said... sent me a verification code...let's see what it does, since I don't want to be anonymous.You deserve better, my dear friend.
Your blog is amazing and I look forward to each new chapter you publish here!

Jeannot said...

Thank you girls, for answering!!!!!!!!!