Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mussels from only wish

My mother had strict rules about eating mussels.
Never in the months without an "R".
Best to go to Holland and get them fresh there, not very far from our location.
But that was in later years.
When I was young the month with an R had something to do with mating season (I think they pulled my leg and I am too tired to Google it).
Now that they are raised in controlled beds everything changed that. Or did it?
Not so many years ago Sabrina with me in Belgium decided to have mussels.
Her Meme said "NO NO NO" it is July.
BUT....said the stubborn babe, they have them in every restaurant.
So she ate them.
Next day a bus trip to Paris all paid for and Brie in bed looking green and yellow  (no kidding)
she had food poisoning. She was quite sick for 3 or more days of our vacation.
Then we read in the paper that a lot of tourist were sick from the mussels important from Ireland.
Somewhere along the route they did not have the right refrigeration.
Enters the month of May 2013 and me walking into the Aldi...snooping at the goodies they often have something only for a week or two and I spot :"Frozen mussels in garlic butter sauce".
What Belgian even as an American can resist that?
So that is what I ate tonight and if you never see me again on this site then the mussels did it.

Where did they come from? You ask. The  Ocean is 5 hours away so it could  not be that bad
surely they have mussel beds there too? They came from Chile!!!

My mother is watching and not very happy with me right now.
I did love the mussels all 30 of them.


Unknown said...

I remember that all too well!! I was so excited about going to Paris and boom!!! Well, there must a been a reason, the Parisians would have egged us or something!! I STILL eat my mussels on a weekly basis at a local eatery and they are sinfully delicious!!! Thanks for the memory trip Mom!!

Angela said...

You two are too funny...but...who would eat ANYTHING that comes from Ireland???
Aldi is still your best bet...providing you are still there in the morning :-)

Jeannot said...

Great reply, girls, I think I'd eat potatoes from Ireland in French fry form but they have to be Belgian Frys.