Monday, May 27, 2013

A new curve in my life

All the paths are not straight in one's life. Curves happen all the time and we walk and drive them with caution. My Bijou shop is closing in a few days. New owners taking over the building and we are at a loss to know what will happen next.

I had just been working like a beaver this week to make several new creations but that is not a loss.
I am looking forward to find a new place with lots and lots of traffic. Lots of clients with money in the pocket.

I have opened and closed shops most of my adult life so this is not new to me.
I just hate to have to depend on help now to move and carry boxes.
Not to mention display cases.

Perhaps I should try Etsy and see what that gives. I know people do like my work so I should not give up and it is not in my nature.

On to new beginnings.....

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