Friday, June 7, 2013


Last week end was one of joy and of complete exhaustion on my part.

Preparing for Zack's school graduation and then right after that a quick bite to eat and then travel in the dark in between the most gorgeous mountains around us. Stopping around 1 am in Virginia so we can be ready to see the ceremony at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg , 10 am in the morning.

Watching Zack walk the stage and seeing people all over the audience standing up for him plus his whole class of 2013 not to mention that we had a full row of Kensinger, Ladds, Fishers and all who are attached to these names. 17 of us showed up.

Zack was smiling so much that I am sure his face had to crack by late evening.
I can't imagine how much relief he felt. A year of hell behind him. The name Cancer erased from his medicine chart. He is a survivor, he is my hero, he did this with an enormous will power not to be a victim but a survivor.

Sabrina was our driver of choice since we were in her car. She does not like long distance driving but by golly she was not going to miss the graduation of her nephew Nicholas Kensinger Ladd.
After 4 years in North Carolina University in Asheville he graduated with what I do not remember, something to do with ecology (I think) then he went on to do 4 more years in Virginia Tech and came out a doctor in homeopathy. Now on his way for another 4 years in Wake Forrest Hospital and finishing as a psychiatrist.
This stuff is mind boggling for me, 12 years till you get out of High School then another 12 years. After awhile you must surely be tired of bringing apples to the teachers.

I am proud of these kids. My American Grandchildren. I was nearsighted when I came here and only thought of having American children , I did not even dare to think there were going to be a bunch more.

I wish my husband would have been here to see it.
Maybe he did.

All of this traveling made this girl have monster ankles and feet. Vertigo in the middle of the vestibule of the gorgeous building in VA Tech.The marble steps dancing in front of my eyes and they would not stand still.

Nicks brother had graduated here some years back. In fact he was in the building next door when the shooting took place. A week or so later he had his emotional graduation. I could not go as I was still primary care giver to old Bob. When I heard about the emotions at that graduation I am glad I had not been there.
It must have been unreal. This shooting made a big change in my grandson.

So no sooner am I home on Sunday, trying to rest on Monday and the next day I find myself in the Bijou shop which has to be empty in a few hours.
Lucky I sold the big gorgeous cabinets and gave the rest of furniture and lamps away.
Zack and friends did all that work.
Brie, Rhonda and I packed.
I wanted to be in charge so I knew which box would house what.
The girls just grouped things around me so I could sit a spell and work.
We were done in no time.
I felt that a mission had been accomplished and it was not until a few days later that it all hit me right between the eyes. Where does all this go now? I started to make corners for the different charitable agencies which have nice thrift shops , I still found a lot that was really nice merchandise so I started to put it on eBay
and decided today that I will post all with a 50% discount to St Jude and Sarcoma Foundation that way I help the cancer research too.
I have my work cut out. After all the vintage jewelry is gone I will continue with my designs and put on Etsy we shall see what will be a help . I do need to recoup some heavy dollars as I did buy a large stock. The disease of a retailer is that they like to have full wagons to sell from, I am not different.....and I tend to be a packrat....I am whispering that as I am not proud of that.

There are days I would like to live like the Shakers and have to hang my chair on the wall before I go to bed.

We had a friend , a bachelor, who was a buyer but did not have a shop. He lived on top of a Goodwill shop and he would be the first to enter the door when they opened, help had already lined up what he liked so his small apartment had wall to wall boxes. One day he gave it all to a charity auction and started with only his cookbooks and pots and pans. Apartment empty. He was elated. Two years later he visited us and I said: How is you apartment?Still empty? He had a diabolic laugh and said:"I think they will have another auction soon and I am their man to fill it and I will then again have an empty apartment."

I will let this lovely blog know if I ever achieve the empty nest......

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