Monday, June 17, 2013

Black out

How odd are we human beings.
Prime example:
Last night, late in the evening we had a black out.
Half the town in the dark.

Usually when I walk Bijou about 9 PM I do not wander I stay close to the house and I look around to make sure I am alone on the street. Afraid of the Boogy man? Well I truly do not know, I am just overly cautious.

After awhile when the lights went out the house became too warm, the silence a bit too quiet.
I ventured out as Bob had already left and found people walking slowly in all directions, some with flashlights and some feeling their way along the sidewalks. I found new neighbors and we talked, this one reminded me of the 30's when people did exactly that, they went outside, the kids would play with friends and women shared new gossip.

For some odd reason without lights I felt safer than all the nights I walk Bijou under the blue city lights.

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