Monday, June 10, 2013

Now this is where I live:

Life tends to give you curves, no I am not thinking about the derriere sticking out ,I am thinking of curves in the road of life.

I was quite settled with AGAIN a small shop in a mall situation. I did not have to be there to sell and Sabrina working nearby would check it out and dust and send me orders:"keep making necklaces, Mom".

It was near perfect except that the winter months in these tourist places are very bare in sales. So I did get a bit upset when I paid rent every month and the returns were small.
The same happened to the landlord who owns the building he did not like to receive late rent payments or none at all and the lady in charge of the mall just did not have the capital to continue so she received a notice to close up shop forever and have everybody out in a few days.

Not a happy camper was I, Talking about campers, they are about to come in this month in droves, they come from the big city,yes, that one , New York , and all surroundings. Our camps are always full.
The parents shop to see what the North Carolinians make in crafts.

The girls and I, the grandson and his friends came together and in a couple of days my shop was no more. Where did it go? Boxes in the kitchen, my work/office room, the hall way, my bedroom .....
So this is a major move but my energy has to kick in.

I started Etsy 2 days ago. that is with my own designs in jewelry.
on Ebay I put the enormous stock I have in vintage jewelry , then I have 3 areas for the donations to my favorite thrift shops. I am hoping to have this all sorted out in 2 weeks. (????)

meanwhile you can find out that I have been working overtime by checking:

and I am jeannot777 on eBay

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