Monday, January 12, 2015

"Beauty" what does it mean to you?

Today I saw something on the internet which baffled me. "The stars who do not age well" 30 photos
So Brigitte Bardot did not go the knife , the peels, the botox.
So who cares? Do we gloat because now she looks old? Or do we say "Good for you girl to let nature take its course!".

Why does it matter to any of us.?
We applaud the ones who look good and curl up our noses to the rest of the "old ladies".

Whisper behind their backs :"did you see her? she looks so old now!"

My husband taught me a long time ago that he would rather do portraits of old ladies full of
wrinkles than a young girl.

 Even Anita Ekberg before she passed told a reporter:"I am not a pile of
synthetic stuff, these babies are real".

So much in this country counts on beauty, heaven forbid you get older and you look your age.

The echos come with the judgment ,"Oh! she smoked look at her wrinkles!"
"She drank like a Fish, that is what gave her bags under the eyes"

Check out the ladies in our history books, the ones who made a difference in teaching, nursing,science, law makers, the list goes one. How do we view them today?

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