Saturday, January 10, 2015

the old women in my tribe said:

My mother in law at age 86 and that was around 1983 said to me:
Jeannot, I am so happy to be this age as I really do not want to know where this world is heading....

My mother said :

All people who are fanatics about their religion are dangerous to the rest of us.
That was in the 1960's

In the 1960's Belgium imported a ton of laborers for work the Belgians did not like to do coal mining and such. My mother shook her head:
She said: you wait and see the Turks will come here with 4 wives , they will get
all the benefits of a single household here x4.
I called her racist and she shook her head, she added:
if we are too lazy to work we need outside help but no one in government has considered
what the consequences will be.

My mother was a very smart lady. When she turned 73 she decided she wanted to write to
the countries who were then tabboo. She became fluent in Esperanto and found friends to write to all over China and at that time also Poland and the Ukraine. She just hated that we are not always thought the truth in the media. Esperanto was used a lot by tons of people during that time.

Esperanto was invented with the ideal outcome to be if we all spoke the same language there would be more peace.

Mother said : During WW2 as : She first used a curse word which she very seldom did and added:"I wish that the guy who invented ammunition would have been chocked to death by his mother."
I replied with logic:"Someone else would be born and try it later then".

"people are fickle, Jeannot, now after the liberation we are all for America and England...wait and see when they will turn against them one day and adore another place.
Two months after 9/11 I was in Belgium and some people around me said:
"It is time that America gets to be attacked ".
In a shop the shopkeeper hid me as people came in. Later she told me these guys have been singing in the street about 9/11 and so happy about that.You are speaking Flemish with a slight American accent now and I did not want these guys to follow you.


Angela said...

wise words from both your elders indeed!
there have been turkish workers in Germany for as long as I can remember, three, maybe four generations of any one family live and work there...
In the UK we have the Polish communities and they are thriving.
If you go to Lidl or Aldi, you will not find native english people working there...all hard working, which the Brits are not!!
They think they are better off on benefits...sad but true!!

Jeannot said...

I hear you , Angela, it is that way in most Western countries.