Thursday, January 15, 2015


My children will love this entry.
For years they have been telling me not to watch the news.
I am a news junky, especially ABC in the evening.
I am addicted like I am going to miss something important.....I know..I is my mental chocolate.....

So for several nights now I have nightmares ,people chasing me, guns every where, mean faces,
I wake up in sweating..oh well I also have numerous blankets on me.....the feet and hands stay cold forever...

Then I was thinking that my son and daughter Sabrina just watch horrendous movies.
Blood , knives, guns, poisons.....Bob even said that Doogie Howser now frightens him after
seeing him in some series last night.
Usually Bob does not get scared about anything on the screen.
He keeps telling me:"Mom it is all acting, no blood, ketchup..."
He is trying to get me to join him in his viewing and I am just good for chick flicks.

So I wondered when I got up with this black cloud over my head until I had my coffee....wondered
why I had these nightmares and wake up frightened.....I know, I know......I am watching the
news.....between complete villages being burned down and thousands of people dead in a far land, there I
saw all of Paris like THE liberation day, proclaiming the Freedom of speech after a horrible
massacre. I saw the policeman on the sidewalk he was hit and could not walk as best as possible you see him pleading with the man in black, holding up his arms , he must have said :"spare me I am wounded"
the man in black answered with a load of bullets ending a life right there in front of us.
No fake blood, no ketchup .....this is reality..........

My kids are right, what I watch is worse than their movies. .....

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