Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Loss

I so wish to be able to write some uplifting , great news and saying that all is well in the world.
All well in my world. We know about the rest of the world.
Yesterday another BLACK DAY . Perhaps a day of liberation to heart ache for a mother.
Yesterday a friend found daughter-in-law 's mother had passed on.
Her only child died 2 months ago, I think to the day.
I believe her heart ached just too much.
She had a heart attack.
We are still reeling from the shock of A leaving us at age 32 and now her mom.
I feel like a black cloud is following us.
It is hard to be upbeat and positive when all this is happening in such a short time.
You do not have the time to get over the first shock.

Then I saw that Paradise Ca. was in trouble with fires and a good friend of my
husband's lives there , so far no telephone conversations received.

Outside the birds are chirping , the sun is shining and we are in for another hot but lovely day.
I got to get a grip and turn the tide of tears.

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