Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I got up with the feeling a black cloud is following me everywhere.
So then the tears come for no reason.
I would say it is PMS but I am 76 now.
Old B is sleeping a lot right at the table, goes to bed for 5 minutes comes back and
sleeps some more at the table in a very uncomfortable position.
Forgets when he ate and when he drank so he drinks all day long and we all
drink something different so he takes from us all whatever the mood strikes him
or the color of the bottle or can.
He eats sometimes one meal after another because he tells me he is hungry,
i THINK he does not know what it means.
So he end up sneaking it to the dogs who are later ill and throwing up all
over the place. He loves to give them milk.
He is getting on my nerves this week.
Messed up one of my necklaces till it broke.
I knew I should have put it away right away but so many other chores were calling so in
no time it was broken.
Bad hair day, they say , no bad day PERIOD. today.

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