Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Last few days have cooled down a lot so I am welcoming the breeze and the house is
lovely and cool. I am sure this too shall not last after all we just entered July.

Have an apple tree which for the first time has some fruit. Should say HAD,
Bob went and picked the small green apples. Just like he did with the cherries.
I am wondering how long the tomatoes will last.
At least I can do fried green tomatoes but not when they are the size of a dime
and feel like a rock.

Flowers have surprised me I think the organic feeding of worm poop is good for them.
I am impressed. Hostas are blooming more too.

Had a great day yesterday with Sabrina, she had to shop for a bird in the office,
Pet shopping is fun. It comes with the choices, the connections, the hope for the
future joy . She settled on 2 nice finches. We think they are husband and wife but then
again they could be a gay couple. The huge cage in Sabrina's office will add to the
ambiance of the clients being adjusted by the chiropractor.

Son had a few bad days with decisions to his step son and the wishes and hindsight that
he should have adopted the child he raised for the last 7 1/2 years.
We all can do so very well with hindsight but at the moment there are things
which come into play to make these decisions not possible, money for one thing.

Money talks, big money screams at ye, lawyers are costly and not always truly working for you.
This is the situation he has to deal with.
A loss of a friend, spouse, and now a child.
Life is not always easy but at least we can hope for a better tomorrow.
I am so wishing that his tomorrows will become filled with sunshine and leave the dark clouds behind. He had enough of these to last the rest of his life.

We are having sales upon sales in the shop but then we went to Coldwater Creek and they had better sales than us. WOW. It is a buyers market.
Read that Starbucks will close a bunch of stores and downsize in a big way.
I cant afford to retire just yet but there is a possibility that closing trend may be
coming for a lot more of the chain stores.
Hope we can hang in there.

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