Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hair is gone!

The nice part of all the work in April. al the planting, seeds in the sub basement, deciding which and where, all of this comes into bloom just about now.
I am so thrilled , I planned well.
With bending and kneeling a bit of a problem these days I had started to put in hostas last year.
Now they are coming up in full glory and they are starting to bloom too.
More perenials put in this year and lo and behold the lupins are doing just great.
Planted some small ones rather late and here they are blooming with 3 blooms a stem.
I grew up with them in my grandfather's yard. I had such troubles getting them to bloom and then found out they needed nitrogen.

Life is getting calmer, my old office is being transformed into son's bedroom again.
I managed to collected years and years of paper junk in my office so the shredder has
been overheating quite often and the roomba's are doing hourly work.
It will be nice to have that over with.

SOn cut his hair and donated it for a wig.
The hairdresser came to the house to do it as he cant go there.
SHe was so impressed with the thick curly healthy 13 inches of hair.
She needed to cut and cut several times to get across his mane.
He then also cut his beard but I think the beard will come back.
He looks good with a beard and he gets rashes when he shaves.
He looks in his twenties.
He also has smiled more than once the past 2 days so maybe the pain
is subsiding just a bit.

Life is getting calmer, thank God,
life is gettign easyer, thank God.
Maybe we will all be fine for the rest of the year, it has been a very hard year so far.
There is always tomorrow. There is always hope.
Going to work now and hope we stay open and someone needs a dress or
slacks for that new job of theirs.

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