Friday, June 20, 2008

Let there be Peace................

SLowly , ever so slowly I am finding some peace within.
The last month was truly trying.
I am finding that like old Bob used to be. I do not do "saying goodbye forever" very well.
I am not stoic, I do not stay quiet about it, and tears come more quickly the older you get.
At least so in my case.
But this week I am starting to think more ahead and less on what could have been.
After all I have been living with "what could have been" for 10 years and it is time
to think of what today is and perhaps there is a tomorrow to enjoy too.
Son had been snow white complected for weeks now and today I saw some color
in his face.
He is getting his bedroom ready and I am moving out so much junk.
Gosh if I was on one of these shows they would throw away the whole lot.
Being addicted to eBay and trying to stay in the retail game to make a few bucks
is hard to forget.
3 PeoplE at work are on vacation or sick, one needing knee surgery so we
are on a skeleton crew but we had to cut hours anyway in payroll.
I have to admit that I am beginning to think of the time when I can retire and just be a house wife, sounds really grand right now.
Old B is doing a lot of wandering around the house, goes to lay down on the bed and comes back out after 10 minutes, walks a bit and goes back to bed for 10 minutes and starts the
whole thing all over again.

Had a very nice lunch with L and C and they let me talk.
Do I give them a chance to interfere with my stories? Of course not.
If you read this, guys, thanks for the therapy
do not send me a bill.

I am going to the cemetary often and start to throw out the flowers
which are faded. Toto was very bad and peed on her flowers
and after I scolded him I thought how she would think this extremely
funny. That is the way she was .

She is at peace and now I got to work on it too and so it will be.
I do not want to spend money on doctors, just trips.
Bon soir , girl, maybe one day I will go to Bulgaria which was your dream.

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