Thursday, June 5, 2008

Going to big D

It is hot and sticky and my old house does not have a/c but the fans are
whirling like mini tornadoes in the room creating my paperwork to go flying about.
Could no sleep well and son was up all night. He has problems with the heat
and was spoiled with having air the last years.

I am leaving with S tomorrow for Dallas Texas.
We are flying from Charlotte and returning with A's car.
Not just the car, son would have left it there for whatever charity but
to my son , animals are more important than most people.
The animals had been put in a shelter and B. would have none of it.
Enter : volunteers.
S and I like to fix the world, she now is taking on my mantra and
does it more than I ever did.
So on our way we will be and bring back in one small car:
One rather large dog, pedigree non existent and 3 cats.
One cat is a prima dona and another one has had so many surgeries
with half a colon still working, she is the sweetest but messiest.
Would you like to have the motel room next to us.?
Add to this that S brought this menagerie to Texas last October.
The shelter was about to let them all go to sleep when son found them.
He is elated.
How will I feel with dog number 3?
The jury is still out.
I was that way when the Corgy came with son a few months ago
(to help me out) now I am a slave to the Corgy.
The Queen of England with her entourage of Corgy's no doubt feels the same way.
Now my question is:
If it is hot here how hot is it in Texas?
Do not answer that.

I said it before, I got rid of the dining room stuff.
Put my table along the sidewalk and within minutes a lady needed it.
Goodwill etc... come and get things when they feel like I
just make short history of it.
My dining room chairs were handcarved in oak and belonged to my
grandfather who had exchanged sugar for them in WW!
yed the first one.
Grandfather was foreman in a sugar factory in Belgium (beets)
and he wanted nice chairs hence the barter.
My mother got them when she married in 1929 and I dusted these
things for most of my 76 years.
I wrote an email to daughters : do you want 3 chairs each or I sell them.
Emails never were answered with such speed.
Yes and yes.
So now I am making the dining room in a little office/salon.
Does "SALON" not sound grand?
Well, I have enough fauteuils to fill it.
My old office will be returned to its previous owner, my son.
It will take me a few, no telling what I all stored in there since I started eBay 11 years ago.

Son put in my new Staples desk in a corner , so now I kill 2 birds with one stone,
from this vantage point I can see the kitchen and spy on old Bob and
I can see the birdfeeder and admire the bright colored friends who eat me out of
dollars and "sense".

Wish me luck with this transformation and a trip to my least favorite city "Dallas".
Why could it not have been San Francisco? Or ......................
It is what it is.

PS not happy with the Stanley cup going to Detroit either.
not happy at all

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