Sunday, June 15, 2008

Goodbye to Ari

Dear Ari,
Yesterday was our day to say goodbye to you.
One by one the cars came to the old cemetary.
A green rug had been laid out and the antique box was on
a small stand.
Quite a few people came who I did not know.
Then I saw Dusty, his shoulders drooping, his eyes hidden behind sun glasses.
The Tattoo shop must have been empty, they were all there.
More sunglasses.
Chris Hudson and his wife but they stood at different ends
you know things are not working out well there.
The Edwards came and Sabrina found out that she had been working
with some of the people and even taught guitar to one of them.
Small world.
Jimmy and Nick were there too, they looked very preppy, black tops and khaki's
Nick even took a shower.
It was a little past 2 when the vans came and the wheelchairs came running down the hill
towards you.
My heart stopped for a second. My knees grew weaker and I thought this is what
Ari is all about , this is her family.
Your Mom came last and could barely walk. What a broken heart.
The testimonials flowed one after the other.
You would have been embarrassed but they were all truths.
No one had to make up bullshit for you like they often do at funerals.
The words came from our hearts , the words came flowing from our gratitude to
have known you.
Bob managed to talk and said you were his best friend.
He will need a lot of mending but he will do it.
Oscar is in Texas and I think it probably was better for him not to
have been there.
a 9 year old has a different view of it all , we would not be able to shield him from
long lasting memories.
I saw even the funeral man have a tear or two and he has seen it all.
It was all very , very touching, we all were together to say goodbye yet
we all knew that we were better people because we had known you.
Au revoir my dear but I know we will meet again in a much better place.
Love you and will always remember you as the girl with the golden heart.
A heart which was tattooed with the words that we are all here equal
and we all need love, you knew that when some of us did not.
Behave there with the angels and please do not ask for sterling wings.

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