Tuesday, June 3, 2008

and life goes on,

It seems that the days blend into each other and I wake up and say:
June 3 ? where did May go?
I look at my stack of May mail, untouched.
The bank account not checked.
Probably on empty like my head.
I guess I have been in a state of a different consciousness where bills and
checks and money just do not matter.
Then it hits you "Important notice or we cancel,,,bla blah blah..............
Life must go on.
We cant mope, we have to pick up the pieces and work the puzzle of life.
It is a crazy quilt and we just added a corner with lots of lace and sterling trinkets, memories of a young woman who entered our life for a purpose.
For me she thaught me that the world is not made up with gorgeous people
all size 2 and forever young.
She thaught me that there is a large world out there with people who have mental problems, who live a whole life with an illness which does not permit them to walk,
who are cripple so their crippled hands will take 2 hours to finish a lunch but they finish it with their dignity to be able to still to that much.
People who can't do a simple task like going to the bathroom by themselves.
She showed me that mentally challenged people can fall in love, can love animals, can
crave french fries , can believe in God or believe in nothing.
She gave me an insight to a world I did not know.
Children who have Prade Willi, a disease which makes them feel hungry from the moment they wake up till it is bed time. Imagine always being hungry to the point you will eat hair,
paper etc..... I never knew this existed , not in my world.
Where had I been for 7 decades?
For sure this girl and her words will be with me forever , she made an inpact in my life.
She told me to fight this system of ours which does not see the needs of such people.
She had more compassion in her silver ring lined little pinky than most of us and yet she struggled with her own demons and could not always be helped.

The only time we had an argument was when I worked for her and used the wrong color pen, she would say : Not again, Meme, black, black , black, we only use black pens!
To this day when I use a blue pen I am thinking about that.

I guess I better stop yacking and see if I can get my numbers head on and start writing some very overdue bills, with a black pen.

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