Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The heatwave

Went to Dallas this past week end.
Flew there, picked up 3 cats and one dog , packed A's car and returned immediately on
a 1100 miles journey home.
We ate fast food so we would not leave the animals alone and found a friendly pet motel at
Howard Johnsons.
The ride on Sunday took 15 hours and we are still paying the piper.
My head is spinning from the ride.
The two Bob's alone at home had their own adventure , there was the 82 birthday
and daughter 1 came with a cake and balloon.
Old B asked her to write her name down as he was going to frame it.
He managed to overflow the sink so we needed boogie boards to navigate the kitchen
(I was told) and he never figured out that I was gone.
I worried like the mother hen I am but they did fine without me.
I for one could have used another night on the road in a motel and a bit more rest.
The animals were sweethearts.
We found homes for the cats but the old dog named "Courage" is withus.
That is now a three some of dogs and they seem to think that following me
is what they are supposed to do.
It will take some time to get used to that menagerie.
Fortunately they are all house broken.
The Corgy is the only one who wants all the food bowls for herself, all 3 of them.
I am not back at work, too tired.
Too hot!!!!!kitchen is 85 degrees

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