Sunday, June 22, 2008


Frugal is a word that is missing in my dictionary.
I was reminded of that this morning when I saw an interview with
Suzie Ohrman or Orman.
She is the money goddess with advice for everyone.
On TV she gave me food for long will the thought last??????????
well till the next visit at a jewelry counter anyway.
This blonde who said that she is now worth in the 8 figures said that the
earrings she was wearing were the only pair she owned.
She did not need 2 pairs. She had one pair and that is all she needs in life.
That sounded truly scary to me.
I have mine on hooks so I went and took a quick count on how much
money I have hanging on the wall.
Well, since I do not buy diamonds nor gold , it did not amount to a great fortune
perhaps a great meal with friends at an expensive restaurant.
I am beginning to wonder if we ladies, girls, in all of the USA, leave out everything else,
if we would just have one pair of earrings what would happen to the jewelry industry?
In the store where I work we sell plenty of them.
Would I then have my hours cut or my job cut because that is a loss of sales?
Told my daughter and she answered:
Mom, you should email Suzan O and ask her why we need 3 of her books which
I have on the shelve? Maybe one would be enough!
Suzan and her partner also live in a modest house in San Fran.
of course today to buy a modest house in San Francisco you still need a lot of dough.
So I decided that just for today I would not look at another earring.
Maybe not even tomorrow ........there is hope to become more frugal....
until ............never mind.

Hubby has been sleeping a lot lately, he is losing steam so I worry.
Of course I was born worrying.
Son is a level headed guy and tries to get me to stop making up things to worry about.

It has been hot again and I am delighted to have drivers to take me to and fro work.
The garden is doing very well , I have my share of flowers and had a great, great load of cherries. The sour kind for pies. What a job to pit them! Yikes.
First time ever that I have success with lupins and they are a memory to my grandfather's garden. He had bunches and bunches of them. They grow well in Belgium/
here I needed something for them, forgot what it was. Anyway it is working.

Time to get to bed, I am worn out today and have to work all week except for 1 dayoff.

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