Thursday, June 5, 2008

The box with an A

Final stage will be June 14.
Son wants it private, will call people if they wish to come and say
a few words or just be there.
I had this antique tea caddy which is quite beautiful , inlaid with mother of pearl.
A liked boxes, I gave her quite a few and so did my son.
Somehow I could not get myself to let go last Christmas and give her the box.
It was strange as I am a giver by nature and why did I want to keep this?
When we viewed the cremation boxes we were not impressed.
Hate the thought that there is again an internment but her son wants a place
with Saint Francis on like they did with the cat. He is 9.
So the ashes will be buried in a box.
As I dug up the antique jewel my son looked at it and said:
Mom, did you see the Initial?
I had this box for about 25 years and never saw an initial before.
Never paid attention to it.
There as plain as anything was an "A".
My hair was standing up in my neck.
There was no doubt to any of us that this was to be her box.

Friend at the store lined it with white satin and made a pocket in lace and embroidery to put the bag with ashes into it.
I just could not do the lining and I was happy that someone would do it for me.

Son does not want flowers but donations to some animal site are welcome,
I am so old school I want to bring a bouquet of roses, I can't bear to see
an empty plot. My daughter said I must abide with my sons wishes.
I just do not know.
June 14 will be a sad day for a goodbye and then every day is a sad day for goodbyes,

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