Saturday, July 5, 2008

No celebration this week end

We opted for peace and quiet this week end.
I worked even on the 4th.
Most retail keeps on going.
I did not mind but forgot to wear red white and blue.
Oh well, brown for the day did fine too.

No fan of G W B I do not feel like I should wish him a
happy birthday either.
WOWOW site had bunch of wishes.
I was furious as they put in Coultier too as a visiting
I guess we have to have freedom of speech.

Its been a bummer at home , papers on the adoption of O and
young B mostly in a silent mood.
He keeps too much inside.

I went to the cemetary and brought a cement planter with flowers
Son wants to buy a stone but they are expensive.

One turns around and one needs money for this or that
it is unending.

For the first time I am not longing to go to work in the morning.
I am thinking more and more about retiring but still need the
money from the store to make up for expenses and c c

It was an expensive month.
New fridge, new computer desk and chair.
My best buy was a rug at Lowes
it was a sample.
They were selling all the samples for 20.00
they were flying out of the store.
I got a nice one which looks like a handmade oriental
one does not notice the numbers woven into the rug for the sample mark.
Furniture over it.
It looks like a million bucks!!!!!

Son starting to paint my hallway.
It is his week end project.
Meanwhile we are getting ready for a yard sale this week end.
I do not like them but have too muich stuff which has to find a better home.
I have given away tons already at Goodwill but some are good antique
glass ware.

Hoping for a better week ahead

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