Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 2009 to all

Rhonda, the pretty one, and MOI the wisest one (maybe).
Yesterday Jan 3 at Biltmore Castle.

Happy New Year to all.
I had such a good day with the girls, grandsons Zack and Peter , visited the castle last day of decorations. Saw the Father Christmas figurines we were commissioned to do for them eons ago.
I lost it when I saw them as now Bob no longer knows about this.
He was so proud to have his and my work in the castle.

I am looking forward to a good change for both of us.
He will go to day care but has not been able to because of a cold.
We will try two days this week and full week next week.
Pick up and delivery has been arranged to.
I am somewhat lost as what to do first now that I am retired.
So much has been neglected in the house.
What to do first????

But I have learned this week thatif it does not get done today then there is still
the rest of my life. I am no longer going to sweat the small stuff ( remind me of that)
and I am going to enjoy whatever I can.
Bob will be better with company and people in different stages of dementia and Alzheimer.
Some are in his stage and they can talk WW2 and perhaps he can learn to dance.
He always had 4 feet when it came to dancing.

So 2008 is past, gone, forever outta here.
Pick up the pieces and look forward to a better year.

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