Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We try again

Tuesday Jan 27
We will try again.
He got up this morning and asked where he had been sleeping.
In other words it is a confusing morning.

We all agreed that the reason he was so upset last Friday is
because the day care people had taken him out for ice cream.
He loved the ride.
When they got back he was furious and banged on the door.
They say that he swore and I have not heard that in years.
I am thinking that was an exageration on the part of staff.

VA is sending something similar to Lexapro.
I do not want him to be a zombie either.
Yesterday I told myself that I can do this.
By noon I was a wreck, I burned food and was agitated.
Not that he is that difficult, but he walks around all day
long, if I am up he follows me.

He goes outside every five minutes walks around the house
and comes back in reporting that all is well.
He is still thinking it ishis job to protect this house.
In and out, in and out,
then the refrigerator is open and closed , he is looking for drinks.
Prefers Cokes , I had taken him off the stuff and then second
thoughts, "why do that to him if he likes it? how much time
do we still have here anyway?"

The day care are willing to work with us, they said.
We told them no more day trips unless you bring him home.
He gets into a car and he thinks I am going home.

I need a good massage (never had one before) or a stiff drink
(that will get my psoriasis flaming up) or both.
I am picturing myself bythe ocean with a green kind of drink which must be sweet
and cold. I look out and count the pelicans flying by. I have nothing else to do and love it.
However, the smell of my fresh spaghetti sauce on the stove reminds me
that I am home and I better go and look at the doves outside.
Have a good day, Jeannot.
Have a good day , anyone, who reads these pages.

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