Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration day

Today is a great day for us in this household.
My husband became a Democrat in the womb.
He was not very political but when Nixon won we moved out of the country..............

He fell asleep through most of the inauguration.
Just sitting in his chair at the kitchen table and sleeping while history
is being made.

I wanted to shake him, I wanted to share this moment.
I wanted to celebrate with him.
I wanted to cry with him that we lived long enough to see
this. That this is the first step to perhaps an African/American
woman as a President one day for my grandsons to see.

I wanted to dance in the kitchen like we used to do and just
hold him and feel safe with the new era coming our way.

He opened his eyes and looked with a blank stare at the TV.
Had no idea what he was looking at. Did not remember the Capital building standing there in all its glory. Did not see the procession of Presidents still alive. Did not see the crowd of a million or two.

I looked at him and the empty eyes and I cried.
I asked him: Where is my husband? Where are you hiding him?
I am extremely sad today to know that he knows nothing anymore.

In my heart of hearts I just do not know how long I can continue
this journey without him, the way he used to be.

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