Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Day and all is well with the world

I am very excited, my son in law, Frank, came to cut down my overgrown
trees and shrubs and started to refurbish my driveway with new little stones from
the river. They are a terra cotta color and when the rain will come they will wash
the dust of them and be truly nice to walk on.

I am getting excited like every year when the tulips and daffodils start to show
their small green leaves. We know we will still have cold weather but they do
not seem to care.

Old Bob was in day care all week.
No way the Celexa has taken a hold yet, I do not see a difference
but there is a difference in the nurse's mind so thatis what counts.
"Oh Mrs K. he is so nice and calm"
Oh Mrs nurse I should reply someone gave you a placebo reasoning.

I am delighted when he goes, it gives me the time to take charge
once again of the house and move things where I want them.
Bobby takes up minimum of space, he is nesting in the smallest
nest in the house.

When Bob comes home he is all excited to see me and walks from room
to room and takes inventory of everything.
Looks like he forgets during the day what was here in the morning.

It has been a good week.
I am also happy that my Grandson Jimmy called from Madrid to wish
me a nice day. How nice of him.
Good kid.

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