Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring around the corner

My walk this morning brought joy as I saw that after the rains we had blooms.
Pear, plums, so many of the decorative trees in bloom. Forsythia and bulbs popping up everywhere.

It has been a rough ride week.
Accepted some bug into my life and have a hard time throwing it off.
First I sounded like a group of wild dogs and now I am down to sounding like a seal.
The very potent syrup the doc gave me does not even help. I wake up and have
coughing fits which last forever.
Time for me to get well, I need to do so much.

Add to this that I had a birthday on Sunday.
I do not mess with them anymore.
I just feel that "OK I am still here" so keep on trucking.

Oscar was here from Texas so the troops came to say hello to him.
Equal that to a house with 4 grandsons.
Old Bob was not amused. He sat like a nasty cop in his chair and watched
everything the boys did. He told them not to steal his paintings and
gave young Bob the finger every time he looked at him.
It was unpleasant.
I was in bed most of the day but reports came to me plus the fact
that the old man did not want to come to bed for fear of what the young ones would do.

He spent the day mixing coke with sugar and milk and making the microwave look like an a war zone. He not only did it once but several times, he is sneaky. I watch him and then
go around in another room and he tries his drinking experiments.
Signs are over the sugar pot :"DO NOT MIX WITH COKE"
they are being ignored.

I am slowly getting better but in no mood to hassle with people who do not know
what I am saying. So OK, I am a bad girl today, big deal.
I'll be better some other day.

Here is a photo of the three grandkids

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