Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in the mountains, AGAIN

When my daffodils crop up and the crocus are already vanished in the lawn then I
declare it SPRING, I am not very aware of the calendar which tells me that it
ain't necessarily so.

So this is the second Sunday I was promised a day at Biltmore Castle and the
second one with bad weather. Come on,

Got up to rain and now they tell me it will snow this afternoon and tomorrow.
Three to Six inches. Well, I have friends in Chicago who email me and tell me
to just laugh it all away. They have had a lot more to deal with.
OK so they decided to live in Chicago. I live in the South.

The weather is about all I moan about these days.
Old B is doing fine and the dog training classes for young Bijou have been
worth the money.
The other day I was in a hurry for his walk and started to dash out the door
but Bijou sat there waiting for his command when I was already half down my
steps. He looked at me wondering what was wrong with ME.

Running out of the house was my main priority in his training.
I do not want to find him on the side of the road.
He is picking up fast regardless of what I learned.

Trainer said that the Corgy is the smartest dog around.
They were bred to work and it is still in them.
They wait for orders.
Maltese , said the charming young man as he put a dagger in my heart,
Maltese are to keep combing and to sit on laps.
They feel they are it and do not take to orders without a fight.

Carwen, the Corgy was listening to all this and looked at me
as if she was trying to say: I told you , I am smart but you keep
giving that white fur ball the goodies just because he sits for a second.

Well, I am trying not to give up and continue all the training I paid
for and so far it is working, even my patience has not run out yet.
I want an obedient dog, is that too much to ask? even from a Maltese.

My friend Jeannette has been in hospital twice in a month.
SHe is 93, had 3 surgeries and is back to "normal" and in the
nursing home. She does not want to go just yet and she is holding on,
the will of a Taurus which she is.

Well, lets get the boots out.
Old Bob will be by the window as he forgets what snow is and he
will be smiling about the magic of it all.
He is like a 2 year old when it comes to snow.

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