Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sun after the storm

A friend of old Bob wrote me an email.
He misses his old pal, they went to the Chouinard ARt Institute together in the 1950's.
A half a century ago.
Nice to hear what memories he has of that young handsome man.

I had changed my office so that I can see Bob sitting at the kitchen table and
keep an eye on him. This morning he looks like Florence, his mom, with a Belgian baseball cap.
He checks out the dogs, they are always close by, he smiles at Carwen, sometimes he is not that gentle. Today is haircut day, then pedicure, then wash him. I just do not enjoy this
as with everything I do to his person he hates.
We will have many arguments today and I so want peace.
It has to be done.

The storm of yesterday has gone to the sea and the blue sky is
a welcome sign but then it also means I have to watch him in
the garden. He cuts and cuts and cuts.
No idea why he cuts the fresh blossoms and little green shoots of
spring but cut he does.
My gardening feelings are getting very upset.
Hard to ignore.
Yesterday he brought in the dead daffodils and put them in water.
Why does he know flowers need to be in water and why does he
not know these have finished their job.
The in mysterious ways.

Last night we watched a movie with young Bob, I can't even remember the
title but I had a good laugh for a couple of hours.
Watched old Bob , he reacted like my teen age grandson.
Giggled when the f word was said and opened his eyes very big
when the girl showed her boobs.
Still know something about that equipment.

I splurged and ordered a Gazebo which will be in the back yard,
it comes with a mosquito tent so I hope to spend some time in there
with him when the warm days come.

I am getting better so that is my good news for today.
Still coughing but much better.
This was a very nasty bug.
Young Bob has it but fortunately old Bob does not.

Going to enjoy our Sunday with sunshine.

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